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This is not a normal bio but a b bio page

This is not a normal bio but a beautiful story about a talented voice struck down in its prime.

June Simon's singing talent was evident, and her parents had enrolled her in formal vocal lessons. As a young adult, she was booked to leave for Europe to start her career, when a tragic female disorder debilitated her. She had to cancel all plans. For years the doctors did not believe her that she was in excruciating pain. After numerous medications and many surgeries, her singing voice was gone.

Now June, not being one to lie down and give up, attained an instrument pilot's license. She and her husband had numerous businesses across the USA and Canada to which they now could  fly . Although still being ravaged by endometriosis, she continued to fly, in all weather, across the country, even having the scare of losing one of her engines.

June could speak, but her singing voice was gone. For many years she didn't dare even hum a song because of the painful reminder that her singing was over. A few years ago in a recording studio, a friend wanted June to help him interpret a song. He asked her to sing it.  She told him that her singing voice was gone. He responded: "there would be nobody else listening, so please come and try". Reluctantly, she went in. When she opened her mouth, the sound that came out was beautiful, warm, but different.  A dream once thought lost, now returned!

 In the last 5 years she has recorded 9 Albums/ CD's written by award winning composer, and author, Emile Simon (started composing at 75 yrs of age). June now has 9 Music Shows that have been airing on TV. Her genre includes Ballads, Soft Jazz , dance and soft A/C. Her music is full of Hope, Love/ Romance, and Fun. She always progresses and is actually introducing a new Pop sound to her latest music due out very soon. Her TV Show "The Bridge of Time" that is also available in DVD, won Best Music Show of the Year, and the cover song "The Bridge of Time' has been nominated for the UK Songwriters Award.

This talented, versatile, prolific, tower of strength truly has a gift and a story that she wants to share with the world. 

This is not a normal bio but a b