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Latest News

January – February 2010

Imagine – 2010!!! The New Year has started and with it a lot of good news and bad news. The earthquake in Haiti – so very, very sad for those people. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to all of them and we hope very much that time will help heal the wounds as best as possible.
We will be traveling to make a new show when you read this. So many of you are now supporting our music and let me say that it is so very much appreciated. We love your comments and your support – it inspires us to continue on our very different journey! I thought I would share with you some of the interesting and at times, comical, incidents that have happened during our past filming.
One such moment came when we were filming the song “Arizona” in the “Never Give It Up” DVD. We had traveled the ‘Four Corners’ area around the northern part of Arizona looking for the perfect set for this song. It had been a long day and we still had not found what we wanted when suddenly we saw the perfect spot. A small road off the highway, beautiful background and lighting as the day began to end – finally the spot! We set up and just as we had begun, we heard a siren and a police car pulled off to the side of the road. Shut down camera! Then another car pulled behind it. They all got out and started talking!!! Friends!! Wow, that scare was over.
We started to set up again…waiting for them to leave as the sound of their vehicles interfered with our sound. The weather was beginning to change slightly and our lighting was in danger too!! Finally, they departed. Yay! Hurry, we can start up! All started well – one third of the way into the song – believe it or not! – a pick up truck drove right between me and the camera – throwing dust everywhere! Apparently, this was a road HE used! Tempers were flying right now. Cameraman stressed, singer stressed – okay, just calm down – you cannot argue with ignorance, I said to myself.
Everybody, set up again. The light is still good – Mother Nature is being kind to us. Lights (She provided them), camera, action! Again, this time a little further through the song, I hear, in the background, the sound of a truck engine. My heart drops as I decide to continue to sing and then the sound stops. I see a bright Red Truck to my right in the corner of my eye but no sound. It has stopped. I do not stop. We keep on filming the beautiful song “Arizona”. At the end of the take, everyone looks around to that Red Truck. The driver is a Navajo Indian – a handsome gentleman in his 40’s. He has a big smile on his face. I walked up to him and all he said is “What are you doing?” I smiled and thanked him so much for his gracious consideration. I explained to him what we were doing then asked if he would like a CD of the song we were filming. His face lit up. I got “Country Secrets” out of the jeep and autographed it for him. His name was “Albert”. He then proceeded over that “road” into his land and we continued to film this special song “Arizona” for our Never Give It Up DVD.
Albert, we will never forget you. You restored my faith in people that day! I have many stories like this – good memories. We work hard and often get very cranky as we are fighting noise, weather, fatigue and whatever else makes up our work but it is the good memories that carry us on and good people – and believe me, for all the bad ones – there are far more good people around, so don’t despair, just take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and keep going. Talk to you in March when we get back! June




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