Emile Simon - Just For You - CD

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After winning two Intíl Music Awards for his albums of World Music, Emile has struck a chord again in the hearts of his listeners. This is truly an eclectic mix of soft jazz, soft broadway, touch of European and more. With his very talented arranger and pianist, Pierre Grille, they create a marvelous mixture of piano, saxophone, guitar, trumpet, even mandoline and accordion. The finest of musicians Rocky Holmes, Juan deVilbiss, Stanton Haugen and more have come together to paint you this totally relaxing, happy musical moment we are sure you will enjoy.

Individual Track Downloads

01 Abendgang Play Preview  
02 Angelina Play Preview  
03 Wish Me Luck Play Preview  
04 Quiet Angel Play Preview  
05 All I Ever Dreamed Of Play Preview  
06 Chicago Play Preview  
07 El Camino del Diablo Play Preview  
08 Blue Madonna Play Preview  
09 Two White Cranes Play Preview  
10 Sun of Madrid Play Preview  
11 My Bluebird Play Preview  
12 Truly Never Apart Play Preview  
13 I Will Wait For You Play Preview