Emile Simon - Special Moments - CD

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Award winning World music, Adult Contemporary Music, AC Music, Soft Jazz, Dance Music, Romantic music, Lounge music. Emile Simon is an exciting new composer who is stealing the heart of everyone who listens to his music. Not to this day has a composer been as versatile as Emile Simon, comfortable in the classics, country western, dinner music, folk music, world music - each piece presenting us with a different picture of life.

Individual Track Downloads

01 Dreaming Moon Play Preview  
02 Say Good-Bye and Not Farewell Play Preview  
03 Honolulu Sunset Play Preview  
04 Waltz of Love Play Preview  
05 The Stars in You and Me Play Preview  
06 Song of Kauai Play Preview  
07 Santa Ana Winds Play Preview  
08 The Wind Play Preview  
09 The Street Where I Met You Play Preview  
10 Grito de Queretaro Play Preview  
11 Breaktime Play Preview  
12 Sueno Play Preview  
13 Turn the Time Around Play Preview