June Simon - Black Gold - CD

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Classic Country, Adult contemporary AC, easy listening, Country ballads, folk music.

Black Gold it is – a fantastic collection of June’s performances – including songs you loved seeing her sing on her TV shows. From Canada to the United States, there are songs for everyone – timely, thoughtful, stories you will always remember ending with one of her most touching, majestic performances of a song reaching everyone’s heart. Classic Country, Adult Contemporary AC, Easy Listening, Country ballads, folk music. Black Gold it is..click on picture for digital downloads, samples and more...
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Individual Track Downloads

01 Ballad of Carmencita Play Preview  
02 Meadowlark of Wyoming Play Preview  
03 El Camino del Diablo Play Preview  
04 Arizona Play Preview  
05 The Feather Play Preview  
06 The Winning One Play Preview  
07 Do Not Stay Away Play Preview  
08 Saskatchewan Play Preview  
09 Castles Out of Stone Play Preview  
10 Oro y Plata Play Preview  
11 Manitoba Play Preview  
12 Never Give It Up Play Preview  
13 Black Gold of Alberta Play Preview  
14 Saddles in the Grass Play Preview