Carmel by the Sea - DVD

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Easy Listening, Adult Contemporary music Dance music and Romantic music at its best! Putting good, honest music against a grey wall – one gets grey music! June, however, lifts her voice above blue waters, mountain ranges and fertile valleys, and here the vine growing regions near Carmel.

Fittingly, Carmel calls itself Carmel by the Sea, and indeed it is. June’s songs become visible as you walk together with her along the streets of Carmel, endearing as they are. She presents her songs as she walks the awe inspiring, expansive beaches beneath the world-renowned golf course Pebble Beach. At these breathtaking sights, from the Big Sur to Point Lobos State Reserve, June performs songs which will remind you forever of the magic of this beautiful area and especially the magic which is Carmel by the Sea.

For a totally relaxing evening of entertainment, this musical show provides everything you could wish for – fantastic scenery, beautiful, inspiring music and that special happy feeling June brings to all her work.


Individual Track Downloads

01 Carmel By The Sea Play Preview  
02 Adios Paloma Linda Play Preview  
03 The Wind Sent Me Play Preview  
04 Rescue Me Play Preview  
05 Tomorrow Comes Around Play Preview  
06 The Love Inside of You Play Preview  
07 Angelina Play Preview