June Simon - Find Your Dream - CD

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Adult Contemporary AC, Easy Listening, Soft Jazz, Dance Music, Romantic Music.
Truly everyone has had a dream in their lives and in most cases were able to find it. June has put together a wonderful collection of songs with this in mind…dreams of love and life, people and places..set to beautiful music with her warm and tender voice.
SOLD OUT - this CD is not available at this time.

Individual Track Downloads

01 All I Ever Dreamed Of Play Preview  
02 Angelina Play Preview  
03 Abendgang Play Preview  
04 Come to Me Play Preview  
05 Hold Me Closer Play Preview  
06 Mighty Ocean Play Preview  
07 Two White Cranes Play Preview  
08 Scotland's Castles Play Preview  
09 I Will Wait For You Play Preview  
10 Two Guitars Play Preview  
11 Be Ready Play Preview  
12 Love Can Be Play Preview  
13 Rescue Me Play Preview  
14 Glendalough Vale Play Preview  
15 Dreamcatcher Play Preview  
16 Dreams Never Die Play Preview