June Simon - Love in Your Eyes - CD

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Adult Contemporary AC, Easy Listening, Soft Jazz, Dance Music, Romantic Music.
This is a wonderful collection of songs, new, beautiful, touching the heart. It starts with “Love in Your Eyes’ the fitting theme for the entire CD. Then the beautiful Carmel by the Sea – one of the most romantic spots on the entire North American continent – which begins the mood of the music and you are carried along through a mix of romantic, uplifting, reflective, warm happy music. Ending again with a very touching surprise – yet very heartfelt song “My Quiet Paladin” (Hero) – a special song for those special people in our lives.

Individual Track Downloads

01 Love in Your Eyes Play Preview  
02 Carmel By The Sea Play Preview  
03 Sun Of Madrid Play Preview  
04 Quiet Angel Play Preview  
05 Wish Me Luck Play Preview  
06 Shadows Play Preview  
07 The Wind Sent Me Play Preview  
08 My Bluebird Play Preview  
09 Love Inside Of You Play Preview  
10 The World Still Turns Play Preview  
11 Never Ask Me Why Play Preview  
12 Adios Palomalinda Play Preview  
13 Tomorrow Comes Around Play Preview  
14 My Quiet Paladin Play Preview