June Simon - Songs of Love - CD

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World Music, Easy Listening, Dance Music, Romantic Music, Adult Contemporary AC.
In this CD June Simon starts with a magnificent waltz, The Waltz of Love, that makes anybody smile who listens to it. June Simon has taken the Italian Love song "Return to Sorrento" to new heights. La Vie en Rose, the French Love song, with Pierre Grill speaking the French prose in the beginning is the ultimate in romance.

Then the songs of love continue from "The Street where I met you" with the added beauty of the soprano saxophone to the wedding song with a slightly Western touch called "Tomorrow" and many more, ending with "Love will always Live", a fitting end we think to such a romantic CD. This CD truly encompasses the joy and beauty of music that has so often been missing recently which makes Songs of Love a very timely CD.


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01 Waltz of Love Play Preview  
02 Return to Sorrento Play Preview  
03 The Street Where I Met You Play Preview  
04 La Vie en Rose (no download) Play Preview  
05 Honolulu Sunset Play Preview  
06 Tomorrow Play Preview  
07 Windmills of Your Mind (no download) Play Preview  
08 To Recall the Days Play Preview  
09 Love Story(no download) Play Preview  
10 Quietly I Love You Play Preview  
11 Love Will Always Live Play Preview