June Simon - Stars in You and Me - CD

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Adult Contemporary AC, Easy Listening, Soft Jazz, Dance Music, Romantic Music.
The Stars in You and Me (Exciting News: some of these songs are featured on June Simon's new DVD's so you can actually see her perform them!) June Simon just keeps surprising us with more and more beautiful music. In this CD June takes you on a sentimental journey of love but adds fun songs as well that make you smile.

Including the magic of the pan flute, piano, trumpet, violin, guitar and even bandero, this CD is a treasure chest of beautiful lyrics, songs and music you will cherish.


Individual Track Downloads

01 The Stars in You and Me Play Preview  
02 The Wind Play Preview  
03 Soldier Girl Play Preview  
04 Say Good-Bye and Not Farewell Play Preview  
05 Rio Grande Play Preview  
06 The Dress of Life Play Preview  
07 Texas Bound Play Preview  
08 Great Wall of China Play Preview  
09 Swallows Return Play Preview  
10 The Last Mile Play Preview  
11 Window of Time Play Preview  
12 The Swan Play Preview