June Simon - Turn the Time Around - CD

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Adult Contemporary AC, Easy Listening, Soft Jazz, Dance Music, Romantic Music, French Love song, Broadway Music.

Turn the Time Around June Simon just keeps getting better and better! From music you can dance to, tango, waltz, rhumba to music that makes you dream of love past or future, music for everyone. This is a win-win CD!

Individual Track Downloads

01 Turn the Time Around Play Preview  
02 The Door Play Preview  
03 Rhumba Carnaval Play Preview  
04 La Mer (no download) Play Preview  
05 Dreaming Moon Play Preview  
06 Amen America Play Preview  
07 Sueno Play Preview  
08 My Faithful Horse Play Preview  
09 Break Time Play Preview  
10 Searching Play Preview  
11 Santa Ana Winds Play Preview  
12 Whistler Mountain Play Preview  
13 Turn the Time Around Play Preview