A Northern Christmas with June Simon - DVD

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What an absolutely delightful and refreshing look at this holiday! With her warm, angelic voice, June has added her very special touch to a very special season.

Performing live from a trapper’s cabin in the Rocky Mountains at Owl Mountain Ranch to Banff, Alberta and the Warner Stables in a Christmas sleigh, June travels through the awesome winter of the North, relishing every moment, leaving her audience with a warm and good feeling. You will never believe where she decided to perform Ave Maria, Largo and Silent Night. Little Panda puts a smile on everyone’s face. June has this wonderful quality of combining the nostalgia of the past with the positivity of today which shines through in Deus Sanctus.


Individual Track Downloads

01 Faith in Christmas Play Preview  
02 Largo Play Preview  
03 Little Panda Play Preview  
04 Deus Sanctus Play Preview  
05 Christmas in Canada Play Preview  
06 Ave Maria Play Preview  
07 Silent Night Play Preview