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The Yanni Rule

This is a very personal message from me to the owners of large chested dogs -
large chested NOT large dog (they can be smaller)

Recently, we lost our dearest, sweetest, kindest friend to a horrible condition called GDV-commonly known as "bloat".
Our chow, Yanni, was only 7 1/2 years old - healthy, happy and full of love. We got him from MiPao Kennels in Ontario, Canada and he was championship stock. He would not hurt a fly, truly.
We watched over him and tried to take care of him the best we knew how.
Recently, we had changed his dry food to what we thought was a better, more "natural" dog food.
We left to do some filming,came back 2 hours later to hear our precious Chow screaming in pain.
We got him to the vet: she operated right away, he survived - we picked him up the next day only to have him die at home.
After our terrible grief - what have we learned: I call it The Yanni Rule.
If I had known these few facts perhaps, just perhaps, Yanni might still be here. This is why I am doing this and asking you to help get the message out - print it out and put it in your vet's reception area, anywhere you can - or just for your knowledge or tell other dog owners.
There is no guarantee we can save every dog but foreknowledge is far better than hindsight. I hope Yanni can help your dog or someone else's because Chow's were not included in the list of dogs I checked for this condition on the net.
So, ANY LARGE CHESTED DOG - not large dog just large chested.


                                                      The Yanni Rule

Bloat - GDV - is the most cruel condition occurring in "Large Chested Dogs"
Roughly speaking their stomach swells with gas from the food,
their intestines twist, the pain is excruciating and most often they die.
 If you love your dog and/or know of other dog owners please help get this message out and consult with your local veterinarian.

1. If you feed your dog dry dog food - make sure you realize that this food SWELLS up
and thus watch the quantity you give. Read the instructions! Any dog food should be broken up
and fed in two or three meals instead of just one big meal-just like people!

2. Don't exercise your dog right after they eat - wait an hour or so.

3. Inform yourself about the "BLOAT" GDV so you understand the latest information

4. Some dog food has too much "filler" in it and things that cause a lot of gas.
The first three ingredients listed should indicate real meat, fish, poultry, duck.

5. If your dog shows any peculiar behaviour after eating such as laying down and
not wanting to get back up - take your dog to the vet.

6. There is a surgical procedure that they now do which attaches a part of the stomach
to the side wall and thus prevents it from twisting again. (Talk to your vet!)

     I did not want our beautiful Chowchow Yanni's death to be in vain. I do not know if the above would have saved him but I sure know that it makes sense to me and any bit of knowledge that "might" help is better than no knowledge at all. I am not a vet nor a professional. This is not advice but simply my personal thoughts from investigating this condition after Yanni's death. I know I would have appreciated this knowledge ahead of time.
I have included a few links to Veterinarian sites that contain more valuable information

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